Theudor Willahelm

warband chieftan - aspiring champion


While not the largest of Astarte in stature, Willahelm has a devious and cunning mind. His body and armour have become one over the ages. Fused the two compliment each other’s weaknesses.


Theudor Willahelm like all Astartes, was once a mortal man. Despite that life time being centuries ago, he still recalls his time as a scavenger. Throughout his many years of service that never changed. His lust for excess drove him to a swift corruption during the long war. Slaneesh gave him the gifts of power and speed. Having murdered his old warband, he now serves with the Canis Aureus.

He was selected to collect promethean for its worth on the market. Now with his new warband in toe, he is eager to prove himself in the field of battle and make some personal gain.

Theudor Willahelm

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